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Managing All your Information in One Place is Easier than Ever with DocuClass Lite

Start using a World-class, cloud based and low-cost Enterprise document management system that doesn’t require time-consuming and complex deployments.

How does DC Lite compare to other Hosted Filing Systems?


  • Multiple Keywords Searches
  • Access security on document level
  • Workflows
  • Unlimited Versioning
  • Upgradable to Enterprise ECM

DocuClass Lite


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More than 1,000 customers around the world have already started their digital transformation with DocuClass

Manage your Information Intelligently

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Digitalizacion de Documentos DocuClass Lite

Capture any Type of Document

Scan and upload your paper document or upload digital documents easily and intuitively through the DC Lite interface to the DocuClass repository, from anywhere, anytime.


Edit Office documents

DC Lite lets you review and edit any Office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) online without the need to download first; nevertheless, if you prefer to download and edit them externally, you can do so and upload it back to the system. After editing online, DC Lite allows you to save the document as a new document, replace the existing one or save it as a new version with the ability to view all previous versions

Index your Documents

Enrich your document with keywords that will help you identify and find each document. Indexing can either be done manually, by recognizing barcodes or by zonal OCR.

Whatever data you need to record as index keywords can be defined, whether it is text, dates, numbers, currency, id numbers, addresses, etc.

Keep your Information Secure and Protected

Your information is protected at several levels. You can count on a cloud infrastructure that meets the highest international standards in terms of reliability, availability, vulnerability and scalability.

Furthermore, the application itself features strict and robust security controls.

audita docuclass

Total Audit Trail of your Documents

DC Lite offers comprehensive activity logs by document, by user, by activity performed, and by date.

The document may change overtime, but you will be able to track each modification, each access, each action performed on the document. Furthermore, throughout its entire life cycle, the document will have a record of all versions that can be reviewed or retrieved if necessary.

Busqueda de Documentos

Search and Retrieve Your Documents

You can find any document based on their indexed metadata, e.g. name, document number or type, date, amount, etc

Besides the indexed data, you can also search by the system’s automatically added data such as date or date range of archive or modification, e.g. documents due to expire within a certain time period. Document can also be found by text searches in documents that were either OCR’d or that inherently are based on text.

automatizacion docuclass

Control and Manage

You will have total control over all your information, from access control, permission levels, auditability and version handling to complete command when managing your documents.

This allows you a comprehensive overview of what information you have, how long it is valid, who is handling it, and prevent unauthorized access.

Let’s compare

DC Lite

  • Office document editing
  • WEB Scan
  • Advanced viewer
  • Advanced document security control
  • Advanced Cloud security
  • Unlimited versioning
  • Manual document workflow
  • Advanced searches
  • File update
  • Initial number of concurrent users: 3 (upgrade to max 5)
  • Initial storage package 5GB (upgrade to max 20GB)

DC Enterprise

  • Office document editing
  • WEB Scan
  • Advanced viewer
  • Advanced document security control
  • Advanced security
  • Unlimited versioning
  • Manual document workflow
  • Advanced searches
  • File update
  • Initial number of concurrent users: 5
  • Initial storage package 5 GB
  • Advanced workflows
  • Graphical and tabular reports
  • Integration with internal and external systems
  • Integration with standard Active Directory and Azure authentication systems
  • Electronic Web forms
  • Use of digital signatures
  • Use of remote and biometric electronic signatures
  • Vertical and departmental solutions
  • Automatic alerts and notifications

DocuClass Lite Benefits

ahorro de tiempo

Save Time

Eliminate the manual tasks associated with physical documentation. Have all your documents digitally accessible to get the information in seconds..

Go Paperless

Save space and say goodbye to lost information and misplaced documents.

eliminacion de papel
menos gastos

Reduce Costs

Reduce your operating costs considerably. Less physical paper will make your working hours more productive.

Improve Decision Making

Having a better oversight over your relevant information in addition to using statistics and metrics, allows for better informed decisions making

toma decisiones
mayor producitividad

Increase Efficiency

Work hours will be more productive. No more wasted time searching for important information for your business processes.

Happier Employees

Organized and easily accessible documentation creates a less stressful workplace and contributes to a better working environment.

colaboradores mas contentos
acceso documentacion

Access from Anywhere

Have all information at your fingertips whenever you want, wherever you are, from any device

Secure Information

Documents are stored and protected in secure servers employing state of the art security protocols


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